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Part 2: Structured Documents & More

Welcome to part two of our free online course to help you learn LaTeX. This part builds on part one, so if you have never used LaTeX before, you may want to start by working through the LaTeX fundamentals in part one.

In this part, we'll show you how to include figures, tables and bibliographies in your documents. The slides include interactive exercises for you to complete on Overleaf, so you don't have to worry about installing LaTeX on your computer. In particular, this part of the course covers:

  • Structured Documents
  • Sections, Labels and Cross-References
  • Figures and Tables in LaTeX
  • Automatic Bibliographies with BibTeX
  • Useful LaTeX Packages and Online Resources

You can download a PDF or browse the slides below:

These slides have also been translated into French (thanks to Yannis Haralambous) and several other languages.

Move on to Part 3

In part three, we'll see how to apply the same skills to make professional presentations with beamer and advanced drawings with TikZ. Let's get started!

Looking for slides for your LaTeX course? These slides are open source and permissively licensed (MIT), so you're free to remix them for use in your own courses. Enjoy! :)

Overleaf guides

LaTeX Basics


Figures and tables

References and Citations


Document structure





Field specific

Class files

Advanced TeX/LaTeX