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Note that some of the symbols require loading of the amssymb package.


[edit] Greek letters

\alpha A \alpha A \nu N \nu N
\beta B \beta B \xi\Xi \xi\Xi
\gamma \Gamma \gamma \Gamma o O\; o O
\delta \Delta \delta \Delta \pi \Pi \pi \Pi
\epsilon \varepsilon E\; \epsilon \varepsilon E \rho\varrho P\; \rho\varrho P
\zeta Z \zeta Z \sigma \,\! \Sigma\; \sigma \Sigma
\eta H \eta H \tau T \tau T
\theta \vartheta \Theta \theta \vartheta \Theta \upsilon \Upsilon \upsilon \Upsilon
\iota I \iota I \phi \varphi \Phi \phi \varphi \Phi
\kappa K \kappa K \chi X \chi X
\lambda \Lambda\; \lambda \Lambda \psi \Psi \psi \Psi
\mu M \mu M \omega \Omega \omega \Omega

[edit] Arrows

\leftarrow \leftarrow \Leftarrow \Leftarrow
\rightarrow \rightarrow \Rightarrow\; \Rightarrow
\leftrightarrow \leftrightarrow \rightleftharpoons \rightleftharpoons
\uparrow \uparrow \downarrow \downarrow
\Uparrow\; \Uparrow \Downarrow \Downarrow
\Leftrightarrow\; \Leftrightarrow \Updownarrow \Updownarrow
\mapsto \mapsto \longmapsto\; \longmapsto
\nearrow \nearrow \searrow \searrow
\swarrow \swarrow \nwarrow \nwarrow
\leftharpoonup \leftharpoonup \rightharpoonup \rightharpoonup
\leftharpoondown \leftharpoondown \rightharpoondown \rightharpoondown

[edit] Miscellaneous symbols

\infty\;\; \infty \forall\; \forall
\Re \Re \Im \Im
\nabla \nabla \exists \exists
\partial \partial \nexists \nexists
\emptyset \emptyset \varnothing\; \varnothing
\wp \wp \complement \complement
\neg \neg \cdots \cdots
\square \square \surd \surd
\blacksquare \blacksquare \triangle \triangle

[edit] Binary Operation/Relation Symbols

\times \times \times \times
\div \div \cap \cap
\cup \cup \neq\; \neq
\leq \leq \geq \geq
\in \in \perp\; \perp
\notin \notin \subset \subset
\simeq \simeq \approx \approx
\wedge \wedge \vee \vee
\oplus\; \oplus \otimes \otimes
\Box \Box \boxtimes \boxtimes
\equiv \equiv \cong \cong

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