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If you are having problems loading up the editor please check:

  • If you have Avast anti virus installed. This has been know to incorrectly block things.
  • ‘ESET’ anti-virus software can interfere with the connection to ShareLaTeX. You can see a thread about people complaining about this for other websites here.For now, we recommend disabling 'Application Protocol Content Filtering’ in advanced settings of ESET. Disabling ESET for is not enough. If this still doesn’t work, it will need to be uninstalled to allow ShareLaTeX to work.
  • If you have any other antivirus installed which may be blocking ShareLaTeX.
  • If there is a firewall on your internet connection. They can often block websockets used by ShareLaTeX

To help narrow the issue please see if:

  • Do other projects work?
  • Do other browsers work?
  • Can you load up with other internet connections?

You can contact us on

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