A quick guide to LaTeX (Overleaf version)

Overleaf, based on the original by Dave Richeson
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As part of our Community Resources for teachers running courses, workshops and events, here we provide an Overleaf-version of the excellent quick guide to LaTeX, originally by Dave Richeson (reproduced with his kind permission).

This version is perfect for sharing as a PDF, or as a two-sided printed handout. If you'd like to tweak it to suit your workshop, you can open it as a template to make edits to the source. Please note that the Overleaf logos themselves shouldn't be altered, but you can find alternative versions here if you'd prefer. If you make substantial edits to the template, or find other uses for it, please let us know!

We also have a complementary PDF listing the Overleaf keyboard shortcuts, available here.

If you're looking for a fuller guide to LaTeX to share with you students, we have a free online course, a learn LaTeX in 30-minutes quick start guide, and many other in-depth tutorials and examples on our learn wiki.

License note: the text content / source code of the handout is provided under the CC BY 4.0 license, as is Dave Richeson's original version. If you modify the template, guidance on the use of the Overleaf logos is available here.

A quick guide to LaTeX (Overleaf version)