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  • Welcome To Our New Customers: Texas A&M University and Resources for the Future, Inc.

    Posted by Kate on November 3, 2020

    We’re excited to announce the following new customers!

    • Texas A&M University
    • Resources for the Future, Inc.

    Texas A&M University

    Texas A&M University has signed up for our institution-wide Overleaf Commons solution, providing all students, faculty, and staff with access to Overleaf Professional Accounts. These premium accounts will enable them to harness the full power of Overleaf in their collaborative writing and publishing, as well as access premium features like reference management, document history, and track changes.

    Texas A&M opened its doors in 1876 as the state's first public institution of higher learning. Today, the University stands as a top-tier global research institution. Located in the heart of the Houston-Dallas-Austin triangle, Texas A&M is dedicated to the discovery, development, communication, and application of knowledge in a wide range of academic and professional fields. Its mission is to provide the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs and develop new understandings through research and creativity to prepare students for leadership, responsibility and service to society.

    “We are pleased to offer the Overleaf Common solution to our students, faculty, and staff. The solution helps facilitate a variety of scholarly activities on campus, including collaborations among scholars, writing theses and dissertations, and publishing scientific work.” -Dr. George Cunningham, Senior Assistant Provost

    If you're a student of faculty member at Texas A&M University, start taking advantage of this fantastic benefit by connecting your existing Overleaf account or registering for a new Overleaf account via the Texas A&M University Portal.

    Resources for the Future, Inc.

    Resources for the Future has subscribed to an Overleaf Group Collaborator account. This subscription will allow their researchers to collaborate smoothly with internal and external teams on their writing and publishing. The Overleaf accounts will provide access to premium features like Mendeley and Zotero integration, Dropbox and GitHub syncing, along with the ability to track changes and view document history.

    Resources for the Future (RFF) is an independent, nonprofit research institution in Washington, DC. RFF’s mission is to improve environmental, energy, and natural resource decisions through impartial economic research and policy engagement. RFF is committed to being the most widely trusted source of research insights and policy solutions leading to a healthy environment and a thriving economy.

    Interested in Knowing More?

    If you think your institution or company would be interested in premium accounts, you can find out more at Overleaf for Institutions or Overleaf for Enterprises or please get in touch and we can provide more information and pricing.

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