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  • Welcome To Our New Customer: Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (IIIA)

    Posted by Paulo on July 22, 2021

    We’re excited to announce the following new customer: Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (IIIA)

    Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (IIIA)

    The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (IIIA) has subscribed to Overleaf to provide a group of research students and their professors with access to our premium Overleaf Group Collaborator accounts. These accounts will provide access to premium features such as track changes, document history, Dropbox and GitHub Sync, and Mendeley and Zotero integrations.

    The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre is a group of 60 researchers and engineers, currently including 20 PhD students. The IIIA have expertise in many areas of Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning, knowledge representation, multiagent systems, agreement technologies, natural language processing, reasoning, optimisation, and semantics. Many of their nearly 100 alumni hold relevant research and industrial positions all over the world. The IIIA have led over a hundred research projects on fundamental aspects of AI and on applying their theoretical results to many different domains like education, health, or manufacturing. The IIIA is also an active player in the Catalan industrial ecosystem, participating in a large number of technology transfer projects. The Centre is proud to be an international referent in AI with more than 3000 publications since 1985 and to contribute to the AI community by serving in many scientific management positions.

    Laura Cester Mazarico, Content Manager, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, IIIA-CSIC, shares a brief look at why they chose Overleaf:

    "We have chosen Overleaf because it allows us to edit in LaTeX and keep track of versions collectively. In addition, research in Artificial Intelligence is a team effort, and we value that the tools we use also adapt to this need."

    Interested in an Overleaf Account?

    If you think your deaprtment or company would be interested in premium accounts, you can find out more at Overleaf for Enterprises or please get in touch and we can provide more information and pricing.

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