Eit group 5 - Manufacturing scanner

Emil Rysholt, Magnus Jensen, Emilie Glud Viig, Morten Troj Jensen, Simon Hjortshøj Larsen, Andreas Limkilde Markussen
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

The complete business report acts as proposal ending with a decision on whether the idea is viable or not. A positive conclusion will lead to a suggestion of further investigation within this field.

Present day wind turbine faces plenty of maintenances, issues and blade failures, all these problems together are difficult to handle and thereby very costly. That is why this report aims to come up with an idea solution to detect manufacturing errors and faults before installing the wind turbine blades.

This business report aims to investigate whether a Manufacturing Scanner has the ability to detect errors and faults in new wind turbine blades. In addition the business report examines if the idea based on a Net Present Value calculation along with a budget is economically beneficial.

The business report includes a technical description of an x-ray scanner, materials in wind turbine blades and software detection of anomalies.

A business plan is conducted to determine whether the Manufacturing Scanner is a viable business opportunity. The business plan consists of a market analysis, which includes a supply chain, positioning, pricing and customer segments, and furthermore a budget, including a Net Present Value and business case.

Based on the investigated areas and the final conclusion, the idea seems viable. The scanner is possible to produce at a reasonable price, the project is economically beneficial and there is a present market potential.

Eit group 5 - Manufacturing scanner