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Yulong Tan
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0
Deedy - One Page Two Column Resume LaTeX Template Version 1.1 (30/4/2014) Original author: Debarghya Das ( Original repository: IMPORTANT: THIS TEMPLATE NEEDS TO BE COMPILED WITH XeLaTeX This template uses several fonts not included with Windows/Linux by default. If you get compilation errors saying a font is missing, find the line on which the font is used and either change it to a font included with your operating system or comment the line out to use the default font. TODO: 1. Integrate biber/bibtex for article citation under publications. 2. Figure out a smoother way for the document to flow onto the next page. 3. Add styling information for a "Projects/Hacks" section. 4. Add location/address information 5. Merge OpenFont and MacFonts as a single sty with options. CHANGELOG: v1.1: 1. Fixed several compilation bugs with \renewcommand 2. Got Open-source fonts (Windows/Linux support) 3. Added Last Updated 4. Move Title styling into .sty 5. Commented .sty file. Known Issues: 1. Overflows onto second page if any column's contents are more than the vertical limit 2. Hacky space on the first bullet point on the second column.
Basic Resume